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1 Circular No CPF/17/Headquarters Payment of Final CPF to Retired/Resigned/Terminated Employees from Inoperative Accounts.2014
2 Circular- Purchase/Supply of Summer Uniform to the Eligible Employees of the Corporation- Standardisation therof.2014
3 Circular No 11412014
4 Circular No 11412014
5 Circular No CPF/16/headquarters- Streamlining the system of submission of IOCPF to Zonal Offices/Headquarters.2014
6 Circular No 09/2014 Minimum rates of wages per day payable in the schedule employment of loading and unloading in Goodsheds, Godowns, Warehouses etc. to labourers working under NWNP system.2014
7 Circular No. FAP/19/2013 Reconciliation and Preparation of Annual CPF slip and updation of the data in CPF slip where the manul schedules have been prepared.2014
8 Circular No.WF-06-2013-14 Transfer of canteen profits to FCI Fund/up-dating canteen Accounts.2014
9 EP-11(1)/2013 dated 26.03.2014 Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general elections to the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies and Bye Elections to Legislative Assemblies during 2014.2014
10 Circular No 1137 Physical verification of cash balances, food grains, sugar, other commodities, moveable and immovable assets of the Food Corporation of India as on 31st March, 2014 2014
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